Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thanks for the Comments

Hancock Creek
34 56.22 N 076 51.48 W

Thank you for the many warm supporting comments to yesterday's blog.

I promise.  I'll keep the blog going in some form.  Perhaps not as often but I'll try to keep it interesting and fresh.

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  1. We spent November and December of last year in Annapolis. It was cold! When the water was turned off on the dock, it was time to head south.

    I think New Bern is doable (we spent a winter in Stamford, CT), but you're going to get some cold weather up there. We plan on wintering here in Brunswick,Georgia. It can get below freezing, but it's pretty rare. Consider moving on to here.

    On another note, many years ago I received a letter (remember those?) from a cruising friend in American Samoa. In it, he said he believed cruising is a mindset, not a mode of boating. People who cruise have a keen interest in travel, in nature, in people, in other cultures, and so on. Sure, you can cruise in a boat, but you can also cruise in a car, a canoe, or by thumbing rides.

    So no, Dick. You're not giving up cruising. You can't. It's who you and Libby are.


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