Thursday, December 13, 2012

Libby's Egg

New Bern, NC

I'm very pleased with myself.  I found the perfect present for Libby's birthday today.

As you might expect, it is difficult to buy things for Libby.  She wants so few material things.  I'm almost as hard.  I like techno-geek gadgets but I need to pick out which ones myself.   So, when Libby's birthday comes around, I'm usually at a loss for what to get her.   This year is an exception.

A month ago, we were walking around New Bern with our friends Bob and Sandra.  We came upon an art store that had a wonderful display of 1000 ceramic eggs (by a local artist,  Michaele Rose Watson) arranged in a cornucopia display.   Well, the next day Libby sneaked up there and bought one of those eggs as a present for Sandra.   Aha!  Now I know something that Libby thinks is precious.  So I sneaked up there myself and bought one of those eggs for Libby, and I gave it to her for her birthday.  She was thrilled.

1000 eggs by  Michaele Rose Watson

Now, Libby has a new project.  She needs to make a pine needle nest for the egg.

Libby's Egg

By the way, in normal circumstances a sailboat is a poor place for artwork, especially fragile things.  When we get out to sea things get very violent at times.  But some things are so nice that they're worth the risk.  Besides, the egg is not big.  We should be able to find a secure place to store it while the boat is in motion.

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