Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Day To Learn

New Bern, NC

The past 24 hours have been great fun.  I'm a person who loves to learn, and I've learned greatly in three very different domains.

  1. I've been working for months on a series of video courses on theoretical physics taught by Professor David Susskind, one of the fathers of string theory.  I'll blog more about that when I'm done with all the lessons.  But this morning, as I watched, a whole bunch of things clicked.  Now, I think I truly understand tensors and general relativity and several other very difficult concepts.  I'm tickled pink over that.
  2. I went over to George's house to use his saw to cut a piece of teak that I'm using to repair my cap rail.  I'll blog on that too when the project is finished.   But more than using a saw, George taught me a bunch of things about woodworking.   One was the mystery of the wooden plugs.  All over on Tarwathie's woodwork we see circular spots were plugs were inserted.  I've been puzzled to learn that many of those do not cover screw heads.  Today, George showed me how to fix blemishes in the wood by boring and plugging but even better how to use a "plug cutter" to make my own plugs from a scrap piece.  Ah ha!  One needs knowledge, a teacher and lots of the right tools.
  3. I learned from Libby that a Camellia is a kind of plant.  That makes sense.  You see, last night at the New Bern Library, the meeting room was packed with women and the sign on the door said, "Camellia Waxing Demo"  I thought is really strange that this woman named Camellia would consent to being waxed in public for demo purposes.   Camellia as a plant makes more sense.


  1. I have often postulated that the only good reason to have a shore bound residence is to have a proper shop...

  2. String theory - OK I just figured out I think the difference between Newton physics and Einstein pysics -- I think.


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