Monday, February 18, 2013

Jefferson's Right

Zebulon, NC

I published a new book, Jefferson's Right, on 

The book is about the current debate about gun-control.  I maintain that both sides in the debate are disingenuous.   Pro-control advocates deny it, but their real goal is to nearly eliminate all private gun ownership.  Their tactics mirror those of the anti-smoking campaigns.  Pro-rights advocates claim that they need guns for sport and for self-protection.  Baloney, many of them want to protect their right to resist government, by violence if necessary.  They have trouble articulating that right however.  It is not rooted in The Constitution.  The book explains the origins of this right and explores the implications.

The right to resist, to revolt, to secede, to abolish government, all mean the same thing.  The right was best expressed in The US Declaration of Independence, in singularly inspired prose written by Thomas Jefferson.  The US Constitution however, explicitly denies this right.  The book explains and helps to resolve this contradiction, and it sets the 2nd amendment in its proper place.

Finally, the book examines the possibilities of non-violent alternatives to gun ownership.  After all, the high social cost of gun ownership is readily apparent.   If we acknowledge the right to resist, is it necessary for the public to exercise that right?   The book explores threats, both internal and external that having an armed public may protect us from.

Once disarmed, the public can never become re-armed.  Therefore, the realism of threats must be considered in the context of the expected lifetime of American society; two or three centuries at least.  In that time frame, many adverse events might occur, that are hard to imagine today, or in a 10 year planning window.

The book is very brief, almost essay size.  You would only need to read 16 pages.

I'm learning fast, that it is one thing to write a book, and quite another thing to promote it and to entice people to read it and comment on it.   I very much need some public comments and reviews; especially reviews on

You can buy Jefferson's Right for only $0.99 on  You can also read the full content free of charge here.   If you think that it is provocative and deserving of wider discussion, please tell your friends about it.

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