Tuesday, February 05, 2013

New Book on the Way

New Bern, NC

Read the blog post here.  My friend Doug Campbell, a long time writer and a regular reader of this blog announced that he has a book contract to write about the loss of the HMS Bounty.  He says:

Besides telling the story of the ship's final few days, our job will be to come as close as possible to answering the questions that began circulating as soon as the maritime community learned that the Bounty had set sail from New London, CT, on a path headed straight for a hurricane. Some have suggested that the captain was suicidal, some that he was homicidal for putting his crew in such danger. Many have claimed he was crazy. 
I'm hoping that, through interviews not only with his crew members but with family members and others who knew him, we will be able to find a clear path to the actual truth.
 Congratulations Doug.  That's a great topic.  I'll be first in line to read your book when it comes out, and I bet other readers of this blog will be right behind me.

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