Friday, April 19, 2013

Chemicals Galore

Zebulon, NC

 Some rainy days coming up, so Libby and I took the opportunity to spend some time with Dave. We also brought a load of stuff that we don't want to keep on board Tarwathie over the summer. Foremost in that category are toxic or smelly things. You see below the result all laid out on the floor of Dave's garage.  Holy mackeral, what a collection!


One thing often overlooked when one cruises full time is that everything you own must be carried on the boat wherever you go.  That includes tools, materials and chemicals.   Of course there is a practical limit.   At some point you have so much stuff that you can't remember what you have and can't find what you need.  Obviously, we went beyond that point.  I'll discard many of those things.

In the meantime it is entertaining to list the inventory and to think that each and every one of those things got on board because they were needed at some point.

  1. Gear oil 
  2. Tilex mold&mildew remover 
  3. Motor flush engine cleaner 
  4. Cetol marine varnish 
  5. Rubbed effect interior varnish 
  6. Bug spray 
  7. Polyurethane floor varnish 
  8. Goo gone 
  9. Wood Glue 
  10. Non-skid paint additive 
  11. More Cetol 
  12. Acetone 
  13. Sunbrella fabric cleaner 
  14. Mineral spirits 
  15. Blue topside paint 
  16. West System epoxy and hardener and fiberglass mat 
  17. Aluminum colored paint 
  18. Simple Green Marine cleaner 
  19. Fuel injector cleaner gas addititve 
  20. Cooling system treatment 
  21. Tibet Almond furniture stick 
  22. Gorilla glue 
  23. Radio Shack Electronic Contact Cleaner 
  24. Rope end whip dip 
  25. Sunbrella Seam Sealer 
  26. Oven Cleaner 
  27. Outboard motor paint 
  28. Carburetor cleaner 
  29. Special Marine Grease 
  30. Dry silicone lubricant 
  31. Red Rustoleum paint for chains
  32. Underwater primer paint
  33. more acetone
  34. paint stripper
  35. more marine grease
  36. vinyl protectant wipes
  37. 3-in-one oil
  38. more Goo Gone
  39. Corrosion Block
  40. Camp Dry waterproofer
  41. Antifouling bottom paint
  42. Muriatic Acid
  43. High heat black paint
  44. Wasp spray defensive weapon
  45. Jump Start ether
  46. Thompson's Water Seal
  47. Epoxy resin and hardener
  48. Gasoline stabilizer
  49. Shellac
  50. Blue touch up paint
  51. WD-40
  52. Lewmar winch grease
  53. Rubbing compound
  54. Paste wax
  55. Waterproofing 
  56. Clear Lacquer
  57. PB Blaster penetrating oil
  58. Anti-seize anti-galling compound
  59. Glass cleaner
  60. Murphey Oil Soap
  61. Barkeepers Friend
  62. Oxy cleaner
  63. Marine diesel fuel treatment

  64. Not pictured

  65. Diesel fuel
  66. Motor Oil
  67. Engine coolant
  68. Chlorine Bleach
  69. White Vinegar
  70. Biocide fuel additive
  71. Joy soap
  72. Alcohol
  73. Hydrogen Peroxide
  74. Drugs, medicines and remedies too numerous to count
Whew, what a list.  If we ever become terrorist suspects, they'll have ample evidence to convict us.

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