Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Zebulon, NC We are up at Dave's for one last visit. Two weeks from today we'll go on the hard, and a day or so after that, we'll take off for 5 months of land cruising.  The weather turned nice for a few days, this is what we've been doing.

From the top:
  1. A reader remined me that the varnish on the new tiller is minimal.  It needs two coats of epoxy and 6 or more coats of varnish before the permanent decorative knotting.  That's OK, I need practice anyhow.   I got started and I get the basic idea, but doing it repetitively without errors is hard.  I've started 3 times already and had to rip it out 3 times.
  2. Dave and I took the dog to the nearby dog park.  That's a great institution.  All the dogs and all the dog owners seem to have fun at that place.
  3. I found a beaver dam in the woods behind Dave's place.
  4. Dave and Libby do yard work in the nice weather.  Libby especially needed this spring gardening fix.   As time goes on, it becomes plain that Libby misses gardening more than just about anything else involved with landlubber's life.  Fortunately we have family and friends to visit that allow her to indulge.

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