Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Advice Sought

Morristown, Tennessee

OK, we hate to plan, but there is a major fork in the road ahead tomorrow. Looking at the map of the USA, we see two major possibilities.

  1. Continue west to Memphis, cross Arkansas, Oklahoma, and northern New Mexico to Arizona.
  2. Head south on the Natchez Trace byway to Louisiana, Texas to .El Paso, then southern New Mexico, to Tuscon.
We are most curious about New Mexico. Neither I nor Libby have been there. We hear that the Taos, NM area is very nice. We don't know about the attractions of the southern route through New Mexico. We've never been to Arkansas either, nor have we seen the Ozark Mountains.

On the other hand, we would love to visit Avery Island and Lake Charles Louisiana, Galveston, Austin, and El Paso.

Choices choices, we cant do both. Maybe our readers can help us to crowd source this decision. What are the attractions of each route?


  1. If it were me, I would go the northern route. I-10 in Ls. is in really bad shape. The northern route is much better. Northern New Mexico has real mountains and lots of trees. You will get lots of desert in Central New Mexico and Az. Arkansas is a pretty state, Ok is in sections (eastern half) but you will get to the high plains kind of boring but the roads are straight in the western. You will be amazed with the power windmills. All the I 40 route is kind of boring but if you want to get off track a little you can see a lot.

    Going north out of Amarillo to Dalhart then west into the Rocky Mountains is really nice. There is a extinct volcano just west of Clayton (Capulin Mountain) with a park. You can go to the rim and see forever from the trail up. The mountains start just west of there. You will get lots of desert before you get to Az and lots of desert in Az. There is a steam railroad you can ride up into Colorado and back. Have cold weather gear if you go this route and camp.

    The south route is for fast passage. Not much to see. Few places to camp. But the speed limit west of San Antonio is about 85mph. There is very darn little between S A and El Paso. There is very little between E P and the Az border. Don't try this route at night and be wary this close to the border. If you see someone on the side of the road they might be dying of thirst or, they might just be someone trying to get you to stop so their drug runner buddies can have your car. They might let you go or just might kill you, using your car to get back south. This area is no joke. I have personal experience with this area. Enjoy your trip which ever route you decide and let me know if you need any help at all.

  2. I only have two things to say.

    Lunch at the Blues City Cafe, is an immersion in the world of a true Greasy spoon of eras gone by. Complete with the great food and tacky atmosphere and quasi sanitary conditions one associates with a greasy spoon. It is a must do event any time I come close to Memphis.

    Secondly, few things in this world have been more impressive or more beautiful to me than coming down the mountain at night and Albuquerque suddenly bursts into view in all its lit up glory.

    Life is good. Find its glory.

  3. Hi. What? You are skipping Colorado? That's the best state! First of all, re Texas, I can tell you about San Antonio,and I can recommend the downtown River Walk and the real Alamo(downtown). I went to Trinity University there 1964-68. And I recommend Santa Fe, New Mexico and Taos Also look up the Lama Foundation on the internet. It's in the hills north of Taos if you'd like a peaceful meditative experience. I went there to hear Ram Dass in the 1970s, There are interesting cliff dwellings at Bandolier National Monument, and there is Los Alamos.Then keep going north into Colorado. Great Sand Dunes to roll down a giant dune, even at you ages ha ha. It's near Mosca, not far if you are heading north anyway. And visit Silverton on the Narrow Gauge Silverton-Durango Railroad And there's huge Mesa Verde! There is a lot to see in beautiful Colorado. I lived there for 6 years. Just stay up in the mountains and avoid Denver, By the way,I saw a flying saucer above the high plateau between mountain ranges, but that's a story too long to tell here. Oh, and don't forget famous two mile high Leadville. I know I just made a "laundry list" of places, but I've been to them all and recommend them. Don't skip Colorado!

  4. If you are taking 5 months, you shouldn't have to miss anything. However I think you do need to get on Google Maps and do some serious route planning to maximize your experience. And I agree with June, don't miss the prettiest state - Colorado!

  5. Meh, Colorado IS far northwest Texas! I agree visit if you can.

  6. if you intend to take the southern leg then do it now before the heat sets in...if you take I-10, the road west of San Antonio is a whole lot of nothing...kinda of pretty though in its desolation...plan accordingly.


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