Friday, May 03, 2013


Natchez Trace Parkway


We bypassed Nashville and found the Natchez Trace Parkway; a 444 mile nature trail for cars only slightly wider than a driveway. We stopped and hiked up a little mountain to take pictures. :-)

Recently I heard from a blog reader who cruises by motorboat with two outboards. He said, "Horrors. So different but different strokes from different folks." How true. Now it's our turn to be different. We heard from a friend about fun things to see in Nashville, and from another who talked about great eats in Memphis. Actually, we are trying to bypass all cities when possible.

Contrarian? Agoraphobic? We prefer to say different. Actually, there is a wonderfully melodic word in Swedish, anorlunda. It means different "Vara anorlunda" has been my motto for many years (note that I even misspell anorlunda differently). Now I find that citations of anorlunda (with my misspelling) are showing up all over the English speaking Internet. That's not what I wanted.

By the way, Libby and I agree that Tennesseans with their stories and their drawl are among the most charming people in this country.

100% chance of rain and thunderstorms tonight. We will probably chicken out and find a motel.


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  1. Can you put the coordinates on your posts so we can track your progress on Google Earth?


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