Sunday, December 15, 2013

Help Please

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

Friday was Libby's birthday. It was a good one. Her friends staged a little party for her. She had a cake with candels; the first time since I can't remember when. But.Libby and I are both difficult to buy gifts for. There are so few things we want that we don't already have. I gave her a pair of tickets to the show at the local amateur theater. We went last night and really enjoyed ourselves. But now I'm desperate for a Christmas idea.

A great stocking stuffer would be new salt and pepper shakers. Since cruising we have been using the pair shown in the picture. They are unique in that the lid design allows easy access while preventing the holes from clogging in the humid environment. Now after 8 years, the lids are failing. I've surfed and searched the Internet looking for replacements. No joy. Can anyone suggest where to find these?

p.s. The picture also shows a little trick we use. We fill the shakers 2/3 with uncooked grains of rice. That prevents clumping, both by absorbing moisture, and by breaking up clumps when shaking. Boating books say to use "a few grains of rice." That doesn't work. Use 2 parts rice to 1 part salt or pepper.



  1. dick,check ebay for moisture proof salt and pepper shaker,these are like yours

  2. also add spring loaded lid to discription


  4. We tried everything, including the rice trick, but the only thing that works for us is Tupperware (small size) salt and pepper. Our salt has never clogged since and no rice needed. Good Luck

  5. afterthought,

    It has to be original tupperware, not a cheap copy.

    Love reading your blog. Met you years ago in Green Turtle Cay

  6. try here;^43168930964-sku^126934-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^14252861084
    good luck.

  7. Here's another choice for you


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