Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bella Bella Labelle

Labelle, Florida
26.7606 N 081.4392 W
According to Libby and i, this tiny city of 4.570 people is the most charming place we know in all of Florida. It can't compete with Marathon as a haven for cruisers, but in pure charm it wins. Consider a few of the following facts.
Lavelle offers free docks with electricity and water for boaters. Those docks were completely rebuilt and modernized last year.
I'm writing right now from a coffee shop one block away from the dock.
The sidewalks in Labelle detour around the roots of live oak trees instead of cutting through the tree's space.
Labelle is the home of the best restaurant in America (according to us). It is The Log Cabin BBQ. I started salivating just thinking about that as we passed through Fort Myers. We ate there last night, and will again tonight. I'm thinking about lunch.
The speed bumps in Labelle have signs that say "Traffic Calming Area"
The air conditioned library is only 100 feet away from the dock.
The town fills up with hoards of Mexican agricultural workers on some days. Numerous local businesses cater to them. It's like a vacation trip to Mexico.
Labelle hosts the Swamp Cabbage Festival.
Consider the dress and attitude. The picture above shows a man in the coffee shop. He was a tall man, with a ten gallon hat, big boots, a middle aged belly, and red suspenders. In Texas he would have been an LBJ lookalike and quite an intimidating presence. In Labelle, he wore short shorts and his legs looked like Flamingo legs. That makes quite a different impression.
A nature trail a few blocks away leads down to the river. It compares with Cumberland Island as a nice trail.

We can buy mangrove honey here.  This is the only place in the world we know of to buy that.
The approach to Labelle is on the Caloosahachee River. Life along the banks of that river appear to be the best that Florida offers. I compare it to the charm of Otter Creek in Vermont.
Ok, I confess. It was the desire to visit Labelle that made us choose this indirect route to come north from the keys. We will cross Lake Okechobee to reach the East Coast after leaving here.

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  1. I know Labelle well. We are actually moving there if everything gos well. Small town atmosphere, close enough to Fort Myers for the beaches but without all the issues. Love the Log Cabin! Great breakfast too. And you havnt lived until you have seen the Armadillo races or tasted Alligator at the Swamp Cabbage Festival! And the Caloosahatchie.......Beautiful!!!


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