Saturday, April 05, 2014

Nasty Critter Attacked Libby

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida
Poor Libby is the victim of some nasty critter. She was bitten about a dozen times on the abdomen and the legs. At first we thought they were mosquito bites. But then they got worse in the following days. Now 2 weeks later, they are mostly healed but before doing so, some of them left an abscess of necrotized flesh about 2mm in diameter and 2mm deep. Poor Libby suffered lots of discomfort from those bites.

The bites appeared on the morning after a busy day with John and Becky. We went to Blackfin Resort, to the Blue Hole on Big Pine Key, to No Name Pub, to Key West, to Keys Fisheries for dinner. That night was particularly windless. On nights like that, flying insects can find their way out to our boat and of course we sleep with all the ports and hatches wide open. The next morning, the bites appeared.

I had no bites at all.

Our theory has shifted from mosquito bites to spider bites. But in reality, we have no idea. A second theory is plant stings.  Libby did a bit of pine needle gathering in the forest that day.  Perhaps she was pricked by the spines of a baby poisonwood tree or some other noxious plant. 

Maybe readers have other theories.

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  1. Brown recluse spider. Fumigate! Stay out of the woods!


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