Sunday, June 01, 2014

Snaking Wires

New Bern, NC

We're getting ready to leave New Bern; possibly Monday.

Today we completed a new project.  I installed a blower fan between the cabin and the engine room, plus a vent from the engine room aft to the outdoors. The idea is to get some through ventilation in the engine compartment to reduce it's temperature while operating all day long on hot days.  A comment from a blog reader tipped me off that excessive temperatures might be what led to short lifetimes for our batteries.   Ask me in two years if it made a difference.

When I went to college to study electrical engineering, the main thing I learned was ohm's law in many forms.  That worked well, giving me a solid career that lasted 45 years.   But now, I wish I had more electrician skills.  Snaking wires in particular.

I've never understood how they manage to snake so many wires through so many impossible places. I suspect that part of the answer is something my mind rejects; that they put the wires in first, then build the walls and furniture around it.   I was reminded of that yesterday when I came upon a plumber replacing a faucet in one of the showers in the hotel.   He had used a hammer anc chisel to destroy the beautiful white ceramic tiles covering the wall behind the fauced.  Wow! I would never think of doing that.  It seems so destructive.  It also requires the skills to rebuild whatever you destroyed, which magnifies the job and the skill set needed.

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