Sunday, July 13, 2014

Data Mining

South Burlington, Vermont
Libby and Jen are our doing the hoity-toity Flynn Garden Tour today. Hopefully photos and a report from Libby to follow.
Me? I'm surfing the net.
I blogged about these plots after Hurricsne Irene. They show the lake level at the north end (top right), middle (top left), and south end (bottom). It covers a range of 100 miles.
If the levels at all three locations tend the same, it means tha the volume of water in the lake is changing. If they trend differently, it means that the wind is blowing. Note the abrupt decrease in level at the south, and increase at the north end. Yes, it corresponds with the arrival of strong southerly winds starting about 0400 this morning.
If the wind stopped suddenly right now, we would see oscillations at both ends that would be the analogs of water sloshing in a bathtub. They are called seiche waves. In addition to water level, we can have seiche waves in water temperature (thermocline) and salinity/density. Temperature seiche waves in Champlain tend to go east-west while level seich waves go north-south.
Do these tech details entertain you or bore you?
P.s the strong storm that made us drag anchor the other day also blew in the hanger doors at the airport and damaged the F16s stored inside. I learned that the storm was a "single bow" kind of "serial delrecho". That is notable only because of the wide publicity about a delrecho that hit Washington DC last year. They bring very strong winds.

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