Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Day

Lake Champlain

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of having Jen, John, and John's girlfriend Becky on board Tarwathie.  We had a great day.  There was very little wind, but otherwise it was splendid weather.

We went down to Shelburne Farms and toured the grounds and building of the inn there.  The inn was the home of Lila Vanderbuilt (daughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt.  It was built in 1899, and it remains as an eloquent reminder of an eloquent period in American History.

John, Jen, Libby, Becky

Tarwathie waits patiently for our return..

This is the carriage barn set up for a wedding reception.  THE BARN!!!  This room is about 15% of the floor space of the carriage barn.  There are separate barns for housing the horses, and for breeding the horses.

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