Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Blood Moon

New Bern, NC
We woke up early to watch the eclipse. But we didn't have to go far. The moon was visible directly out through the open companionway. It was almost aligned to watch as we laid in bed.
It was beautiful. The red color became more and more prominent as the size of the lit crescent grew smaller.
It was very easy to see that the size of the Earth's shadow is very much bigger than the moon. Because of that, the crescent was very different from the crescent shape of a new moon.
I tried taking pictures but once again it proved impossible from the deck of a boat. I had to zoom 25x. At that magnification I could barely keep the moon in the view field, not to mention take a time exposure. As a consolation, here is a picture I found online.
Photo Sodai Goma/Flikr
Photo Sodai Goma/Flikr

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