Monday, November 24, 2014

A Day To Be Thankful For

The Hawk Channel
24 48.593 N 080 44.994 W
This fall has been our worst season for sailing weather. Since leaving Champlain, we have had either too much wind or so little wind we had to motor. Today began with zero wind. We traversed Angrlfish Creek crossing from Florida Bay to The Hawk Channel. But alas, no wind at all whe we got there. Never before have we been forced to motor when travellng South and West in The Hawk Channel. Oh well, so be it.
But at 1400, a great little breeze suddenly appeared. Hooray! We killed the motor and fully deployed the mainsail, jib, staysail, and the Monitor self-steering. Tarwathie is a happy girl. Her crew is happy. Sailing in The Hawk Channel on a day like this is as good as it gets.
We have been given the present of the best sailing day of the year for the last 25 miles of this 1500 mile migration.
We'll arrive tonight around 2200. We plan to anchor outside the harbor and enter tomorrow in daylight.
We plan to share Thanksgiving dinner with Bob and Sandra. Enjoying this day will definitely be on our list of things to be thankful for.

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