Friday, November 21, 2014

Lake Sylvia

Lake Syvia, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
26 06.273 N 080 06.727 W
Ugh what a day. Rain, blustery wind at 30 knots, narrow waterway, troublesome boat drivers and troublesome bridges. One bridge tender bawled me out for not calling her on the radio (I did call, but she did not acknowledge. I should have repeated.) It was wet, uncomfortable, and scary.
Onhe plus side, we had current with us. We did very little waiting for the 15 bridges we pased, and we arrived at this anchorage by 1330, three hours before sunset. Heck, we could have made it to Miami today. Libby also reminded me that the bad weather probably cut the boat traffic by 99%. We should be grateful for that too. Tomorrow may be the same.
Also of note, the last bridge before the anchorage was Las Olas Boulevard. That was the first bridge we came to on our first day on Tarwathie, nearly 10 years ago. In the meantime, we sailed nearly 50,000 miles but we have not crossed that path since. That is kind of a milestone.
This anchorage is crowded, but there are no good alternatives. The hook seems to be holding well, so we should be OK.
Whining aside, At least it is WARM! 73 degrees inside the cabin. The snow and freezing seems a long way away.

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  1. While you are enjoying 74 degrees in your cabin, my fingers are getting numb working on Robin's wiring on the hard in Croydon, PA. Maybe next year Robin will find Florida. Glad you're getting comfy there.


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