Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We're Here, What Now?

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida.
Well, our 2014 southward migration that started on September First is now complete. It wasn't the best year weather wise. Evidence of that can be seen in yesterday's post where I wrote how grateful we were to get some nice weather to actually sail. Still, our biannual migrations are the favorite times of year.
But now we are here for several months of nothing but good weather, good friends, and having fun. Of the 24 places we cal home, Marathon is e most home because we spend more time here. (In 2011, I wrote Home Is Where The. Heart Is on the subject of many homes.
What will we do? Libby will resume Tai Chi, and her volunteer work at the library. I'll try to get back into exercise, althought this year I'll try to do more with my new bike and my kettle bell rather than the gym. I'll also resume work on our book, that has been on the shelf since last spring.
What has changed in Marathon? Not much. The local population of crocodiles surged from 300 to 3000 according to the local newspaper. One of them bit people in Coral Gsbles who were swimming at night. We don't swim at night anyhow,
Also according to the paper, the FWC law enforcement priorities for this year are 1) promoting lion fish fishing, and 2) crocodile management. That is much nicer than harassing boaters.

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  1. If you're bored I have something for you to do. The webcam for boot key harbor has been "offline" for a few days. I enjoy taking a few minutes a couple times a day during work and day dreaming of sitting in the harbor enjoying life. Hard to do when it's "offline". Thanks in advance!


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