Friday, December 26, 2014

Golden Opportunity Lost

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

We hope you had a merry Christmas.  We chatted with the family by phone, and we went to Key Colony Beach for Christmas dinner with friends.   But the thing that stands out most in my mind is the opportunity I blew as Libby and I opened presents in the morning.  You see, the first present Libby opened was the one shown in this picture.

For a moment she just stared at it.  She looked stunned.   In retrospect, I realize that she had to be thinking "WTF. Dick has gone completely senile.  He's off the deep end."   You see, Libby never owned 20 pairs of shoes in her whole life.  Even if she did, we have no place to hang such a monstrosity as that inside the boat.  Libby gulped and said, "What is this?"   That is where I blew it.  I should have persisted with the joke and told her that she needed to organize her shoes.  Instead, I wasn't thinking so I just told her the truth.

The truth is that I had consulted with Jen about ways to help Libby growing plants on the boat.  Readers know how much she loves gardening.   It was Jen who did some Google research and came up with the idea of a shoe organizer as the perfect way to have a herb garden on the boat.  It can be hung outside in the sun.  A different herb in each pocket.  Brilliant!  Thank you Jen.

Anyhow, Libby squealed in delight.  She loves that gift.  But had I stuck with the joke I too could have squealed in delight watching her think that my brain must be completely addled.

As I write this, Libby is up at the garden store buying potting soil and herbs.

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