Saturday, March 14, 2015

Once In A Lifetime

McCarren Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, we did it. Jen and I managed to pull off a once-in-a-lifetime father/daughter trip. It has been a joy traveling with Jen. I love her company and I love sharing with her places I've seen before with Libby, and Dave, and my Father Jerry. Below is a summary of what we did.


  1. Travel, Bellagio Fountain
  2. The Vegas Strip, Cirque de Sol show.
  3. Zion National Park
  4. Bryce National Park, Escalante UT
  5. UT Route 12 to Boulder, The Burr Trail, Capitol Reef, Fruita
  6. Eastern Utah, Monument Valley
  7. Glen Canyon Dam, Horseshoe Bend, Sunset Crater
  8. Grand Canyon
  9. Metor Crater, Payson
  10. Roosevelt Dam, The Apache Trail, visit Kristen
  11. Jerome, AZ, Mount Mingus
  12. With John and Mary Ann
  13. With John and Mary Ann
  14. Travel
Jen's favorite was the lava trail at Sunset Crater. My favorite was Utah route 12 between Escalante and Boulder.

This morning, Jen gave me a copy of 16 GB of pictures. (!6GB!!!) I'll pick some of the best to post when I get back.

I realized that an unforeseen effect was that Jen got to sample the nomadic ways of us cruisers. Every morning we pack up, then travel until sunset. We drove on 10 of the 14 days, averaging 200 miles per day. The nomadic life was not Jen's favorite part.

Libby reports that it has been warm and nice but relentlessly windy in Marathon while I was gone.

I didn't arrange my return very well. I arrive in Marathon at 22:30 tonight, but the shuttle bus to Marathon doesn't leave until 11:00 Sunday. I'll bed down on a MIA airport bench tonight. I get back to Marathon about 22 hours from now. Still, it will be great to get back with Libby.

Love you Jen <3


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