Friday, April 17, 2015


Caloosahatche, River, Florida
26 43.10 N 081 40.25

Are you superstitious?  I'm not.  I don't believe in jinxes, or ghosts, or any such thing.  On the other hand, maybe I should be.

Yesterday, I posted The Opposite of Zig , about snagging pot lines, and cutting them free with a never-used knife.  At the bottom of that post, I mentioned that it happened even as I wrote.

Right now, I'm all wet.  I just resurfaced after cutting free a line wrapped around my prop.  What line?  I'm ashamed to say that it was my very own line.  

You see we use a small float as an anchor buoy.  It attaches to the anchor so that sight of the float lets us know where the anchor is. I checked and rechecked and rechecked the length of that line.  It is 22 feet long.  But it takes 32 feet to reach from the bow to the stern.  Therefore, it should be impossible for that line to wrap around the prop.  Well, it did, and I just had to go through the routine to cut the line away from the prop shaft.  Sigh.

I realize my error.  22 feet is not long enough to reach from the bow to the stern, but if Tarwathie sits in 10 feet of water with her anchor directly under the prop, then it only needs 10 feet of line to reach.  Dope slap!  The impossible was possible after all.  It was a case of faulty trigonometry on the part of the degreed engineer, yours truly.

Oh well, the water was clear and warm and my morning swim was actually pleasant.

Yesterday Libby and I both had a swim before supper.  It was a stifling 88 humid degrees out.  The weather here is not nearly as nice as in The Keys.   The weather forecasts also call for thunderstorms every afternoon.

The extreme heat brought both Libby and I to the point of near exhaustion, and we weren't even exerting ourselves in any way.   We had a discussion last night about our plans to put Tarwathie on the hard and to paint the boat in the next couple of weeks.  We are worried that we may bite more than we can chew.   No decision on that yet.

But in the morning, we stopped at Shell Point (between FMB and Fort Meyers) to visit with our friend Norman.   More on that in another post later.

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  1. Stuff happens! At least the water was warm. Safe travels,and when you get to LaBelle I will buy you a cup of coffee at "Charlies"


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