Thursday, May 07, 2015

Ready To Go, No Plan

Green Cove Springs, Florida

OK, Tarwathie is up on the hard.  Our work is done.  We have wheels.  The car is packed with camping gear.  We are ready to start heading north.  The only problem we discovered was that we didn't have a plan.

We had thought that it would be fun to visit a camp site near Savannah, GA that we enjoyed 30 years ago.  But alas, there's a tropical storm heading that way.  It would be better to wait.

So, our improvised plan is to hang out in a camp ground about 10 miles west from here for a couple of days.  Then we'll head north.  We have friends in Beaufort and Myrtle Beach that we would like to visit.  Then we'll head to Dave & Cathy's in Zebulon, NC.

Ready to haul
Midge, the german shepard tried to bit the lines and pull to be a part of the team.
OMG, look at all the slime on her bottom. No barnacles though.
My prop is still amazingly clean after two years in the water.
As they pressure wash, you can see the layers of paint.  The gray was the top layer, then blue, under the blue is red, green, and black layers.  Probably none of those layers have any copper left in them.
Tarwathie sits in the yard, as we will leave her for the summer.

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