Thursday, June 04, 2015

Catching Up

Lamar, pA


We spent a sobering morning at Soldier's Cemetary in Gettysburg. We didn't go to look at the fields or to get a history lesson. Rather, we wanted to pay homage to the many countrymen who died there defending what they felt to be right. The whole Civil War thing is sobering. It seems so unnecessary and so wasteful of young lives. But, the soldiers defended what they thought right, and we still owe them thanks. "Thank you for your service, american casualties of all wars."

But then we headed East to spend the evening with Chuck and Cindy. They are contemporaries, and high school classmates. Chuck was also a neighbor to Libby before Libby Lowber became Libby Mills. We had lots of stories to swap, and news to hear about classmates. Chuck is very active in keeping touch with all of them. Libby and I weren't. By the way, in case I never mentioned it before, Libby and I met in the cafeteria at Fayetteville Manlius Hugh School in early 1962. We went on a date, and the rest is history. It was my first and last real date.

Thanks so much Chuck and Cindy.

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