Monday, June 08, 2015

Home With Jen

South Burlington, Vermont

The irony is that we left Marathin two months ago. It takes us two months to get here by boat, it took two months to get here by car. LOL

But we are very glad to be here. Jen was here to welcome us.

Yesterday and this morning we were thrilled to see Vermont's mountains and nature once again. We were not specifically familiar with the mountains near Bromely, by they are u mistakenly Green Mountains. We camped at Hapgood Pond. This morning we found what appears to be tracks from a small bear next to our tent,

How long will we be here? A while. No specific dates in mind. However, we plan some side trips. So keep posted. (P.s. Libby has nearly unlimited gardening work she can do here :-)

Mother and daughter reunited


Hapgood Pond



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