Tuesday, June 02, 2015

How Could I Be So Wrong?

Berlin, Maryland
Berlin, MD
What a pleasant surprise. A beach with brilliant white sand, an barrier dunes. I had no idea that such a nice beach existed north of Florida. (But I did see a news article last week citing Hatteras Beach as one of the best.). More. There is a bay side to this island with salt marshes and crystal clear water. Wild horses roam around our camp site. We met a deer that was very tame. Our camp site is actually on the backside of the barrier dune. We slept last night enveloped in the (loud) sound of surf. It' is a real pleasure to be here.
Right now, we are in the nearest town, Berlin MD. It too is a jewel. Libby is having fun exploring he shops.
All of this at Assateague Island, on a part of the Delmarva Pennisnula that I had though was unpopulated. You see, we have always traveled past his place 20 or more miles out to sea. My knowledge of the Delmarva was limited to what I see on the nautical charts. The chars show a coast unapproachable by large boats, and with a marshy coastline unsuitable for roads and buildings. Totally wrong! There are lots of people here. Indeed, on the road I to the park is a sign saying, TRAFFIC BACKUPS NEXT 3 MILES WEEKENDS. Horrors; I imagine 1000 cars competing to get one if the 25 parking spots at the national seashore beach. That must be a horror scene. We are so lucky to be here on weekdays before school lets out.
Check out the toenails.

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  1. In Berlin, look up Uncle Jon's Soap shop, 12 Williams. Just off the main drag. Run by my previous neighbor (and friend) Jon Conley. He makes all natural soaps, lotions, beard balm, surf wax and skate boards. For good measure, he does specialty painting on surf boards, skate boards and even saw blades.


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