Sunday, June 28, 2015


South Burlington, VT

Libby and I both feel rejuvinated.  We had two days on Valcour Island.  We would have gladly stayed another week except that we didn't have enough food, and because the weather was about to turn nasty.

Of all the places on Earth, we love Valcour Island most.  So for us this visit was a very big deal.

Our new vessel, TJ, performed admirably taking us there.   We were able to easily load it up with all our camping gear.  That means all the cargo that we could fit in the Camry's trunk and back seat.  But I'm well aware that TJ is not Tarwathie, and that she is no match for Lake Champlain in frisky weather.  Therefore, we drove around the lake to NY to lauch at a point closer to Valcour, and we chose days when the winds were light and variable.   Probably, TJ could handle rougher weather on the lake, but I'm not planning to test it.

Below are a few pictures.

TJ loaded with camping gear, ready to go.
The view of Vermont from our camp site.
Look closely, these are two trees intertwined.  We call them "The Lovers."

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