Friday, June 19, 2015

Tarwathie Junior?

South Burlington, VT

My long time blog readers know me well.  I just got an email from Chuck. He said, "I hope somehow you can borrow a small boat and get out to camp on that island where"  Well, guess what I did yesterday.

Meet the newest member of our family.  A 17 foot Gruman aluminum canoe squareback, complete with an outboard motor and a trailer.   With this rig, we can not only make it to Valcour Island (visits are mandatory for our souls) but we can also access 20,000 miles of rivers and 100,000 lakes in North America where Tarwathie can't go.  I'm pumped by this devopment.  It opens a whole new chapter to our adventure possibilities.

Now, a rig like that needs a name.  One of our cruising friends has a cruising boat Orion, plus a small sailboat/trailer that they call Orion Junior.   I'm thinking of the same theme, but Tarwathie Junior is just too big of a mouthfull.

Hmmm littleTarwathie.  The obvious name would be Tar Baby, but I don't have the nerve to do something that politically incorrect.
What should we name her?


  1. Congratulations, Dick! May you have some really enjoyable new dimensions to your explorations afloat with this Grumman! It will be interesting to see how it fits with your "management of posessions" discipline when you are again united with Tarwathie, wonder if it will have a more or less permanent home in VT safe with family? Good luck, and may you enjoy Valcour hugely, once again....

    Portland, OR


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