Friday, October 02, 2015

Blub Blub

Zebulon, NC

Boy what a wet month.  It has rained almost every day since leaving Vermont two weeks ago.

That hasn't slowed Libby down from working in Dave & Cathy's garden.  She been out there every day in the rain working.   When Dave saw some of the things she did, he said, "Awesome.."  I think Libby learned a lot from Jen.

But other activities have been curtailed.   Libby and I planned to leave here and head south with out camping gear this weekend.  But I posted before about tent camping in the rain.  The forecast around here for the next few days calls for 2-10 inches of rain.  Too wet.

I also hoped to go on a canoe excursion with Dave.  I thought a two day trip with overnight camping would be great.  But that too had to be cut back.  I almost cut it to zero because of rain, but then I thought of what we had to learn when we lived in Sweden -- you just have to learn to go outside and have fun anyhow, even in the rain.

So our compromise was a day trip on the Neuse River done hurriedly before the hurricane arrives (since then they say the hurricane won't hit here).

Using Google, I found an excellent launch ramp and a rural stretch of the river.   It was between Goldsboro and Smithfield, NC.   I was worried about low water and impassible stretches, but the rain gave us deeper waters and swift currents.  (Next week after up to 10 inches of rain, it could be flooding.)

Anyhow, it was fun.   We went upstream about 5 miles.   We found an island in the river where we could stop for lunch.   Stopping points on the river are few because of steep river banks.  Libby and I had the same problem on the Conneticut River.   Dave got checked on TJ's canoe transport and operation.  We plan to leave TJ with Dave over the winter so I really hope he gets to use it.  Cathy too likes canoeing.

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