Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Proven: We Love Nature

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Asheville was a dissapointment. We went to the art district, but we got eel hours before they opened. We went downtown, but aside from the world's best gem and mineral store, there wasn't much to see. But learned that the Parkway was reopened, so we threaded our way through hectic and scary Asheville traffic to the Parkway entrance. As soon as we got on the Parkway, all the pressures of the world fell to the side. We could go as slowly as we want, stop at each and every overlook, and enjoy the beautiful nature. The evidence is clear: we love nature much more than populated places and much much more than any city.
Peak fall colors are still 2-3 weeks away, but it is still beautiful. From the overlooks, we can see the subtle color differences depending on elevation in the nearby mountains.
The Mt Pisgah camp site is beautiful. I changed plans and signed up for 2 nights instead of one. Hiking the trails will be our main activity today.
Near our camp is an overlook named Mills River :). It is the only one with clear views both East and West. It is ideal for viewing sunrises and sunsets. I was there this morning 30 minutes after dawn. The mountains in the light and the valleys all full of fog were spectacular.
Next time we hit a library, I'll post pictures. We have many to choose from.
I also see from the literature that there is still much of The Blue Ridge Parkway that we have not seen. It is 450 miles long. I'll add that as a special future goal to do it end to end sometime in the future.
P.s. The ranger warned us about bears. We didn't see or hear any. However, last night I twice heard an animal cry that I can only describe as a high pitched scream. I think I heard that sound once before in West Charlton NY, it was a lynx. Could that be what I heard last night???

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