Friday, January 08, 2016

It's Hard Being A Drone

Marathon, FL

No sign of my missing drone, so I guess that it is permanently lost.   I'm hardly alone though,  of the 700,000 drones sold for Christmas, some say that 300,000 of them crashed or dissapeared on Christmas day.

The lesson I learned is that drones are much easier to dream of than to fly.  Even for an engineer and a licensed pilot.  But what big boy could resist?  Not me.  Nor could I have had the patience to wait the 10 days after Christmas before the wind settled down.  Nor am I mature enough to admit that there is no place in the Florida keys far enough away from an airstrip to make it legal to fly a drone. I'm proud to be counted as a bigger boy with bigger toys.

Have a look at this hilarious video clip of drone mishaps.  What happened to me was mild.  I you imagine yourself reincarnated as a drone, you would have a short and painful life.

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