Sunday, May 15, 2016

Vermont HO

South Burlington, VT

Libby and I cleared the summit of a mountain approaching Ticonderoga, NY.  There it was:  a spectacular view of Vermont's Green Mountains. "Vermont HO," I exclaimed.

After crossing the Champlain Bridge, we were treated to another view, that of the Champlain Valley with the main section of Lake Champlain in the middle.   Welcome home we thought.

The drive up from the Schenectady area was interesting because we traversed the gradient from nearly 100%  of the trees bloomed to less than 10% bloomed.  It is spring.

But this particular spring is a nasty cold and wet one.  So much so that we aborted our plans to camp our way northward all the way up to Sara's wedding next Friday near Syracuse, NY.  Both Libby and I have become very intolerant of cold, especially cold and wet.   Listening to DC public radio, we heard that Washington DC had surpassed its record for the number of days of consecutive rain a week ago, and the forecast for the coming 10 days was more of the same.  No thank you.

It makes us realize how spoiled we are traveling on Tarwathie.  On board we have all the comforts of home.  It is home.

So, assuming that it ever warms up here, Libby will pick up working in Jen's garden, and I will pick up work on our novel.

We'll also be adventuring this summer with the canoe (TJ, Tarwathie Junior), but not before the water warms up too.   I have a (yet unresearched) idea of going west to the Missouri River.

We would also like to try again for a trip to Prince Edward Island, and to the Saguenay fjord.  The obstacle to that is that we found travel in Canada to be prohibitively expensive,  food, fuel, campground/housing fees, are all sky high.

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