Tuesday, July 05, 2016

False Modesty

Middlebury, VT
Nancy and Karl threw a small BBQ backyard party while we were there last Saturday. When Nan's friends asked where we were from, I said, "We are Nan's disreputable relatives who live on a boat. We are homeless nomads."
But of course that modesty was false. We are proud of our crusing life. Besides, at a party that makes us interesting and exotic people. That's a positive. If you are considering cruising, count that as a plus.
It is certainly better than my answer when asked what my profession is. I say, "power engineer." That is usually a conversation stopper. I almost never get follow-up questions on power. Frankly, that is a bit insulting.
Our recent itinerary has been pretty busy. Thursday in Portsmouth, NH. Friday-Saturday in Melrose. MA just outside of Boston and near my birthplace. Sunday, back at Jens. Monday, lots of projects. Today we were just about to depart for Valcour Island once again, when I rechecked the weather. The weather report changed a lot since yesterday's forecast, and we could have stayed only one day on the island.
So as plan B, we are camped in Moosalamoo, part of Green Mountain National Forest. It's nice, but nothing is as nice as Valcour.

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