Monday, July 11, 2016

Our Friend Charlie R.I.P.

South Burlington, VT

We have met some great people while waiting out storms at the NC Welcome Center on the Dismal Swamp Canal.  Two such great people were Charlie and Mary, from Amelia Island Florida.   The four of us hit it off right away.  Charlie was an avid sailor, Mary was a bit reluctant about cruising, but she did it anyhow.

Ever since then, we always visited with Charlie and Mary when we passed through Fernandina Beach once or twice per year.  It was one of the high points   I especially like talking with Charlie because, like me, he was a thinker.

I got a very sad call from Mary this morning.  Charlie passed away last month.

Youi know, we all pass through phases in a lifetime.  Many of us share pretty common experiences with the phases.  Childhood, puberty, HS, college, marriage, children, career, home ownership, middle age, grandchildren, senior status, retirement.  I'm not sure hew to feel about the phase staring us in the face.

On one hand, we are both fortunate to enjoy better than average health, and our delightful life style as cruisers.   On the other hand, the effects of age grow ever stronger, and we face the prospect of receiving news of the death of many of our contemporary friends.

Here's one way to look at it.  107 billion people in the history of the world have grown old and died ahead of us.  We are not likely to invent a novel approach.

I think we'll just count our blessings, and enjoy life as much as possible while we can.  :-)

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