Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Emotional Aftermath

Port Charlotte

Our thoughts continue being dominated by the plight of our friends B&J after loss of their boat to Hurricane Matthew.  Libby and relate entirely to their feelings.   Death of a family member is a close analogy.  

B gave me permission to post his pictures.   They too are heartbreaking.   They show both before (10/7) and after (10/8) scenes.  B&J look so pleased with their preperations before the event.

In the after pictures, note especially the concrete dock sections.   We boaters are trained to think of those things as completely solid and safe.  Not true compared to the power of nature.



The pilings remain.  Docks and boats all gone.

Wind Chaser

Wind Chaser

Wind Chaser

Wind Chaser

Wind Chaser

That plastic foam is from the docks.

OMG, look at those concrete dock sections.

These two boats from the same marina were lucky.  They blew away to the grounds of the Ladys Island Airport

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