Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Peter Ryan, Blue Water Sailor

Umatilla, FL

Last year we met Peter Ryan.  Peter owns the W32 Onapua.   He is a long-time reader of this blog.  We met Peter at the W rendezvous in Port Canaveral, and again down in Boot Key Harbor.

Peter sailed single-handed to Bermuda and Maine last year.  Right now he is sailing single-handed from The Chesapeake to the BVIs.  He has one of those very clever Insight gadgets that sends his position.  It also allows him to send and receive "tweet" like messages.  I think he also gets weather from it.

Anyhow, it is very interesting and instructive to read Peter's chronicle from the list of tweets.  He encountered gale conditions out there for his first time.   In the tweets you can sense the fatigue and depression that sets in under those conditions.  Today, happily the weather and Peter's spirits are revived.

Peter's Blog page is here.

Peter's Insight page is here.  On the page you can see his track on the map (both last year's Bermuda passage, and the current BVI passage).  Click the down triangle to the left of Peter's name in the left panel, and you'll see the history of his tweets and position reports.  Scroll down to October, 31 (the start of this passage) and read the tweets in order.  To me it is highly interesting and educational.

Congratulations Peter.  You are out there doing it while I amd back here writing about it, and others are back here reading about it.

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