Monday, August 07, 2017

Unusual Trip Planning

South Burlington, VT

We just had a great family weekend.  But now it's time to look ahead to our next trip.

Consultations with my friend Walt, plus a bit of Internet research, discouraged me from trying the PNW as the right place to view the eclipse.  We want a place free from the horror scenes of too many people.  We decided on Nebaraka,  far from any city.

Readers know that trip planning is not our custom.  Libby and I mostly like to just follow our noses and see where that brings us.  But in this case, we need to be a specific place on a specific day.  Therefore, I broke tradition and laid out a plan. Burlington, Rome, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentycky, Missouri, Kansas to Nebraska.

After the eclipse, we'll may follow-on plans to go west, but then guided by weather and wild fires.

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  1. Life is better when you have no plans, but a few exceptions like this are OK.


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