Saturday, March 12, 2005

Day Off

Saturday March 12, 2005, Palm Beach N26 45.736 W080 02.85

We decided to take a day off and loaf. We’re both pretty tired from the hectic schedule of activities of the past few weeks. Besides, there are still lockers and procedures on Tarwathie that we haven’t explored yet, including how to launch the dingy. The dingy is stored under the boom. It’s too heavy to just lift, so we’ll have to rig something with pulleys and lines.

I noticed with alarm that the boat was sitting nearly abreast the wind and heeling 1 degree, even though we were at anchor. Ay ay, we must be aground! Everyone knows that a sailboat at anchor points into the wind and doesn’t heel. Quick I turned on the depth sounder. 11.5 feet, it said, 6 feet deeper than the keel. I didn’t believe it.

Just before pulling up the anchor to get us off the ground, I noticed that all the other boats at anchor pointed the same way we do. Wait, there must be an explanation other than being aground. Aha! It must be the current. Both the wind and the current push the boat. If the current pushes us abreast the wind then the wind will make us heel to leeward. Once again, unfamiliarity fooled me.

Aha! I found something that Al Hatch did wrong. The 1st and 2nd mainsail reefing lines were reversed. Never mind that it was a minor error. He gets only 99 44/100% perfect score.

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