Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ends And Odds

Thursday, March 10, 2005, Fort Lauderdale

We had no specific plans for today so I thought we’d just loaf – wrong. At 0830 Al came over and gave us a very complete two-hour verbal lecture on cruising tips on the Inter-Coastal Waterway. Al’s a natural teacher and he wants to unload Tarwathie lore on us as much as possible. Too bad, we probably won’t see Al again after today.

The afternoon I did errands for things forgotten yesterday. I went to the Blue Water Chart store, bought more groceries, a new hat, first aid kit and type I PFDs. It took all afternoon.

When I got back to the boat Libby was onboard the neighboring boat Easy Lady, with Tim and BJ Page. The Page’s have been cruising the world since 1989, but now they’re going to give it up because they’re getting too old. Anyhow I bought a bunch of used charts and cruising guides from the Pages.

Charts and books are a very major expense. So far we spent $838 on charts and guides, and we have coverage from Baltimore to Florida and the Caribbean. At this rate, the charts to cruise the world will cost much more than the boat! Electronic charts aren’t much cheaper and I consider it unsafe to be anywhere without the paper version.

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