Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Melbourne FL N28 04.672 W080 36.062

We're at the slip in Melbourne Harbor. Today we'll go shopping with my sister in law Sally, and we'll see my brother Ed.

At Wall Mart I got chased around by agressive little old ladies who use shopping carts like weapons. Didn't like that.

Ed recruited us to help unload a truck load of composite deck planks he ordered. Another thing I learn about retirement. Can't duck requsts for help by claiming to be too busy.

This afternoon a couple walking the docks looking at boats admired Tarwathie, and asked to come aboard. She attracts attention everywhere because she just looks like a world cruiser. Sailing people all recognize the Westsail 32 lines immediately and are familiar with the

Tonight Dave and Jonnie Hacket came over for dinner. They
are wonderful people and we had a great time.

Blog readers. I'm writing a new blog every night, but they might not get posted except once a week or so. I posted a bunch of them today but I notice that they didn't get posted in chronological order. Sorry about that. I'm still learning about that. I also managed toupload a couple of pictures to the blogs. I'll do more later.

Plans for the next couple of days are loose because of the weather forecast. We want to go north to the next outlet from the ICW, then head for Charlston, SC. The Charlston sail would take 72 hours so it would stretch our experice base some more. 24 hour sailing standing 4 hour watches each. There was some mention of gales in the weather forecast for Friday, so we may delay until the forecast sounds better.

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