Monday, August 28, 2006

A Cold Cold Day

Rockland Harbor

Today has been cold and drizzly. It feels like late October. But the forecast for the rest of the week sounds OK.

Well, we were gone for 10 days. The break was nice. It was certainly good for Libby and I to have time with the grand children. In addition, John and Cheryl had a good week in Washington, we got to spend a day with my sister Marylyn, and we also got to see friends, Jerry and Phyllis, Bud and Nan, and John and Mary Ann. I even got to spend a few hours at the West Charlton fire house shooting the breeze with the guys.

While we were gone, Ocean Pursuits worked on Tarwathie. They did a nice job installing the new radio, and the radar, and the wind meter. They had to take the mast down and put it back. They had to route cables and they did such a nice job that it is neater than when they started. There is still some work to do, so we'll be here at least one more day.

Should we sail south with Hurricane Ernesto heading North? No. We'll stay close by safe anchorages until it is safely past. We're also in no hurry to leave Maine. We could stop and visit Bath and/or Portland on the way south. We didn't see those places on the way up.

Our plans for September are loose. We had hoped to sail with John and Mary Ann in mid September, but that will be put back a month or so. We also had hoped to sail with Sten-Orjan from Sweden for a week, but he had to cancel also. Perhaps 2007 for him. I guess we'll go back down and spend more time in the Chesapeake. There are still numerous Chesapeake gunkholes that we haven't seen and others that we would like to revisit.

That means we'll be making a 3 day passage from Rhode Island to Cape May NJ sometime after labor day. Anybody want to go for a ride?

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