Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Detour Day

La Trappe Creek, MD N 38 37.903 W 76 07.216

This is our favorite anchorage in the whole Chesapeake. La Trappe Creek is idyllic, peaceful and beautiful. This is our 4th or 5th time stopping here this year. The creek branches off the Choptank River. The famous novel Chesapeake by James Michner is about this area along the Choptank.

We traveled 35 miles today but we're only 7 miles from Saint Michaels where we started. The answer to the riddle is that we had to navigate way out around the end of long peninsula, then back again. We got here 20 minutes after sunset.

When the sun did set I tried once again to see the famous green flash. No joy, I still haven't seen it despite hundreds of tries. My friend Steve Lambert said that he once saw the green flash. He's the only one I know who did. It's a good ambition in life to see the green flash at least once before I die.

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