Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Slow Going

At Sea, N 39 05 W 74 43

Monday September 19, 2006

Well we're still not in Cape May. All day today we had the brisk wind I asked for and we've been sailing with the rail in the water, but the wind is coming from where we want to go. We're sailing at 5 knots and tacking with 4 knots made good on starboard tack and 0 knots made good on port tack. That average to only two knots made good. It takes a mighty long time to get anywhere that way.

Now is it past sunset and the wind shifted to from the west. We are motoring and sailing with 15 miles to go to Cape May. We really want to get there tonight and get a nights sleep. Perhaps by midnight we'll be there. If so, then it will be 3.5 days total for this passage. The passage up from Cape May last summer also took us 3.5 days and I complained a lot that it was so slow.

This afternoon we had a second game of Scrabble in the cockpit. I'll post the picture of that. It was a unique experience playing Scrabble with the boat pitching and heeling that way. Windward side won the game.

Here's a guest contribution from Carmelo:

ding, ding ... ding, ding ... ding, ding ...ding, ding ... eight bells on the Tarwathie and it's my turn to collect the miles. Searching for wind, avoiding fishermen, watching for tell tale buoys we collect each precious mile one at a time. When we've collected 230 miles the game ends and Diane and I will return to our time measured world while as Dick and Libby continue their most excellent adventure. This had been a wonderful trip and Diane and I have savored every moment of it. Thanks guys, happy sailing wherever the Tarwathie takes you.

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