Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dirty Job Day

Onancock VA, N 37 42.640 W 75 45.463

We did go to the movie Friday night. We saw Flyboys; a film about Lafayette Escadrille (sp?) the WWI French flying fighter squadron manned by volunteer Americans. It was fun.

Onancock is really a quaint and quiet place and very gentrified. There is a 5 star gourmet restaurant and an amateur playhouse; hardly the kinds of things you expect to see in such a small village.

Yesterday a nice breeze came along so I rigged up the sail on the dinghy and sailed her a couple of miles up the creek and back. That was the first prolonged sail I ever had with her and I learned a lot about how to sail her properly. One can't sit in the back of the boat, one needs to put one's center of gravity over the center of buoyancy (translation--sit in the middle.)

This morning I couldn't start the engine. It was the fuel cutoff that gave trouble again. By the time I fixed it I was thoroughly greasy so I decided to do another dirty job that I've been putting off. I removed the head, took it out in the cockpit, took it apart and cleaned the crusted salt off all the internal parts. I have been putting vinegar down the toilet once in a while to dissolve the salt and lime but apparently not enough.

It is a fall-like 61F (14C) here today and there were freeze warnings last night. Hopefully it will be warmer next week when we have John and Mary Ann with us.

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