Friday, October 13, 2006


The Charlotte Hotel, Onancock, VA

This is a tiny little village, about the size of Burnt Hills. One thing they do have is a hotel that has WiFi. I'm sitting in the lobby now writing this blog.

This is our second time here. That's how I knew about the hotel. I had forgotten how beautiful it was coming here up the creek. The houses lining Onancock Creek are the most beautiful and gracious looking waterfront homes we ever saw. That's saying a lot because there are many beautiful homes on the Chesapeake including those along the sassafras River and LaTrappe Creek, but Onancock is tops.

We had a very uncomfortable night last night. Our anchorage was sheltered from waves but not from the wind, and the wind howled steadily at 25 knots. Even in the 200 yards from the shore to us, three foot waves picked up and rocked us. I had to sit up most of the night doing anchor watch. There was another boat anchored near us when we came in, but by midnight he was gone. He must have looked for a better place. The irony was that NOAA weather radio was still forecasting 5-10 knots of wind for the rest of the night. Bah on weather forecasts.

We may go to a movie tonight. If so, it will be the first time in more than two years.

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