Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Urbanna Va, Public Library

We are 20 miles up the Rappahonnock River, and 1 mile up Urbanna Creek. We'll be spending a couple of days here. Looks like another one of those charming villages.

There's a sailboat anchored near us from Valdez Alaska. I can't wait to ask the skipper about his voyage here.

Funny, just after we crossed the Maryland/Virginina border the other day, we started seeing brown pelicans. Lots of pelicans. This is the northernmost point I recall seeing them. They must be very well trained so as to not cross the state border (just kidding.)

Speaking of birds, in Onancock some dirty bird bombed us with berries that created purple blobs wherever they hit. Yesterday, when I took the sail cover off, I found one of those berries folded into the sail. It made a big purple stain on our mainsail. Oh no! I used Oxyclean on it, and the stain became fainter, but it's still there. Does anyone have a good spot removal tip?

p.s. This morning it was warmer and the engine started fine.

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