Friday, November 24, 2006

The Land of Sunshine

Fernandina Beach, Florida N 30 40.470 W 81 28.392

At last. We made it to Florida and it is sunny and warm. I shed my jacket, sweater, long underwear and two pairs of wool socks that I feel that I've been wearing for eternity. It felt so good. Of course it's really not true that we can't have cold weather down here, but we can pretend for this weekend at least.

The passage down here was uneventful and very pleasant. Not much ship traffic. Favorable winds. Not too cold. We did 150 miles in 36 hours. That's just a bit above our 100 miles per day average.

Tomorrow we shower, shop for groceries and pick up mail at the post office. I'll also try to find our friend Baird to invite for a turkey dinner. Remember Baird? We wrote about him last year. He built a non-conventional home near the waterfront here and ran afoul of the local officials. If we're still here Monday we might also be able to say hello to our Swedish friend Ingmar.

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