Sunday, November 19, 2006

Racing the Weather

At Sea, N 33 26 W 78 38

We're still enjoying the memories of the great day we had yesterday with Walt and Terez. We're very glad that that rendezvous was able to happen.

The weather has not been cooperative this fall as it was last year. Last year we left Cape Fear and made a straight shot to Fernandina Beach in about 60 hours. This year I wanted to try it again. We planned to leave Sunday with a forecast for three days of northerly winds. But then the forecast started showing too little wind on Sunday/Monday, then too much for Tuesday. We left Sunday morning, and we have had essentially zero wind all day. We've been forced to motor the whole day. Each update to the weather forecast makes it sound worse. Now, for Tuesday they say "storm" with winds more than 40 knots and seas more than 20 feet. Out in the Gulf stream the winds will be as high as 65 knots and breaking waves >25 feet. No thank you.

We'll have to put in and lay up Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights waiting for this weather to pass. I have two alternatives for Sunday night/Monday morning. Sail to Georgetown GA, on Winyah Bay, or continue to Charleston. I'll let you know tomorrow which one we choose.

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