Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving At Sea

At Sea, N 32 16 W 80 10

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

At last! We are at sea and heading for (hopefully warmer) Florida at maximum speed with a favorable wind. It feels really good to be en route. It would feel better if it were warmer.

This is our first Thanksgiving at sea. In theory we could cook a full turkey dinner anyhow, but we don't do much fancy cooking at sea. Instead of a turkey dinner we'll have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Don't worry though, we'll have our turkey dinner after arrival in Florida.

For the benefit of our foreign fans, Thanksgiving is a uniquely American non-religious holiday. I'm not quite sure about the history of how it started, but it has come to be the holiday where the extended family gathers for a feast. The holiday is uncluttered by gift giving, as is Christmas. Just enjoying the company of one's family and close friends is the attraction of this holiday. Unfortunately, this year we really can't enjoy that. John has a sick daughter in the hospital, Jenny is home alone in Vermont, David is in Kuwait, and Libby and I are out at sea. Oh well, we have already enjoyed a good dose of family togetherness this year.

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