Friday, December 01, 2006

Let's Stop Here

The Tolomato River, N 30 03.079 W 81 21.938

This morning, just before noon, we were cruising down the Tolomato River towards St. Augustine. The temperature was 77 degrees, and the sky was clear. There were some rain clouds far to the west. We would be in St. Augustine in less than two hours. We passed a little bight where I saw a sailboat anchored. It looked like a very pretty spot. I said to Libby, "Let's stop and anchor here for the day." She said, "OK." So here we are.

We are surrounded by sawgrass marshes. They extend about a mile to the east and a mile to the west. Beyond that are trees. We can't see any buildings or roads. The river here is full of dolphins. I'll say it again. The Florida visible to boaters is very very nice.

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